Bolex M8
Proiettore cinematografico - Molto buono (usato e funzionante con lievi segni d'uso)

Very nicely designed all-metal double 8 projector by Bolex. The external condition is spotless. I could not test the projector with film because I own super 8 films only. However, without film, it turns out that the film conductors and the rear axle are turning, the lamp switches on and the projector responds to the button for the stepless film speed. An extra string is also provided, although it looks like an old one. The power cord that's included has a square plug, so might not be original? Furthermore, the metal reel in the photos is supplied in a matching metal box.

7 kg.


When you purchase this projector, no guarantees can be given regarding the lamp that is present in the device. A lamp that has been in the device for a long time can work NOW and be defective after transport. Replacement lamps are available online. Replacement lamps will not be reimbursed by Catawiki or the seller.

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Proiettore cinematografico
Molto buono (usato e funzionante con lievi segni d'uso)
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