Mingqi - Ceramica - Raro cavallo sellato - with TL test - Cina - Dinastia Jin (265-420)

Mingqi - Ceramica - Raro cavallo sellato - with TL test - Cina - Dinastia Jin (265-420)
In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione - 31×0×24.5 cm

RARE pottery "mingqi" featuring a saddled horse, from the early Jin dynasty (Western Jin dynasty).
This very distinctively-styled horse is typical of those made during the Jin Dynasty:
Mountain pony-type, freestanding, saddled, tail held out, mane with bulbous pointed top.
Grey pottery coated with (originally) white slip. Original, muddy, untouched.

The horse is 31cm high and 24,5cm long.
Wonderful condition, no visible damage. If any, could only be seen through X rays.
From a private Belgian estate, acquired in 2012.
NO RESERVE PRICE - very rare item!

This horse comes with a TL certificate from Ralf Kotalla, consistent with the Tang period, in 3 different points.

The seller of this lot hereby guarantees that this object was obtained legally. The seller guarantees that he is entitled to ship this object(s). The seller will take care that any necessary permits will be arranged. The seller will inform the buyer about this if this takes more than a few days.
Catawiki disclaimer: This piece has been dated based on a TL test. No further tests, such as, an analysis of pigments or radiography scans have been conducted to check the integrity of the piece.

Dettagli lotto
Dinastia Jin (265-420)
Regione/paese d'origine
Raro cavallo sellato
Titolo dell'opera
with TL test
In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione
31×0×24.5 cm
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