Spagna. Semisse - Cástulo (Linares, Jaén). Toro. Siglo II a.C.

Spagna. Semisse - Cástulo (Linares, Jaén). Toro. Siglo II a.C.
Bronzo - BB (Bellissimo)

Roman Hispania
Castulo (Linares, Jaén)
Bronze Semis (4.06 g, 18 mm) struck between 180-150 B. C.

Diademed male bust facing right on the obverse, Iberian lettering on the front.

Bull facing left on reverse, L and crescent above. (CaSTeLE) in Iberian language below in exergue.

Very good, high-grade preservation, very nice details, attractive shiny patina.

FAB 722.

Please see the photos to get a more accurate impression.
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Dettagli lotto
Anno / Periodo e Variazione
- Cástulo (Linares, Jaén). Toro. Siglo II a.C.
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