Tavolo da fuoco Wicca, con iscrizioni e oggetti rituali - - - 83×83×27 cm

Tavolo da fuoco Wicca, con iscrizioni e oggetti rituali - - - 83×83×27 cm
1850 - Regno Unito

Beautiful early 19th century Wicca fire table. This beautiful round wooden table has a round copper fire dish in the middle.

The table has a diameter of 82.5cm and a height of 27cm. The fire bowl has a diameter of 48cm.

Wood is hand painted with various Wicca symbols and texts such as; the pentagram, the triple spiral, the triqueta, the hecate's circle, etc.

The table comes with about 8 ritual objects;

1: knife with wooden handle with a length of 37cm

2: Scottish highlands horn, completely polished and looks like used as a drinking horn during rituals. Length 27 cm

3: tied owl feathers together. Length 25 cm.

4: Abalone shell, these shells are used during smoke rituals. Like, for example, smoking sage. Very large size of 19.5x15cm

5: scarab sculpture with hieroglyphics. The scarab was connected to the god Chepri, whose name consists of the same consonants. Chepri was the god of the rising sun, which created a new sun each day, as it were. 9.5x6.3x3.4cm

6: Deer skull, bones are used in many rituals. 13.5x8x8cm

7: antique copper candlestick height 18.8cm

8: Black candle length 23.7cm. Black candles are typically used to protect you, send back negative energy. 

The table is a really beautiful piece. The wood shows that it has lived. And also on the copper fire bowl it is clear that it has been used.

You certainly won't find this item very often, so take your chance to get hold of a unique piece like this.

This lot will be very carefully packaged and sent by insured and registered mail.

Picking up in Hoogerheide NL is of course also an option.

Dettagli lotto
Tavolo da fuoco Wicca, con iscrizioni e oggetti rituali
Nome scientifico
Regno Unito
83×83×27 cm
19 kg
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