Malachite di prima qualità Forma libera - 215×138×40 mm - 961.5 g

Malachite di prima qualità Forma libera - 215×138×40 mm - 961.5 g
Repubblica Democratica del Congo

Stone: Malachite
Weight: 961.5 g
Size: 215 × 138 × 40 mm
Origin: DR Congo

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In some photos, the stone was illuminated to show you its colour.
We have photographed some stones with a light source placed below in order to better demonstrate the colour of these pieces. Please also consider that differences in colour are possible, because every computer screen, monitor and mobile phone display MAY show colours a little differently!

Dettagli lotto
Minerale principale/ Nome meteorite
Malachite di prima qualità
Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
Forma libera
215×138×40 mm
961.5 g
Provenienza (paese)
Repubblica Democratica del Congo
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