Eskaf - Vaso, Raro vaso Art Déco con decorazione di un uccellino

Eskaf - Vaso, Raro vaso Art Déco con decorazione di un uccellino
Paesi Bassi - 1890-1919 - Terracotta

Rare vase by ESKAF.
This vase has a décor with a bird.
This décor was a try to compete with Gouda.
You will not come across it again.
Flawless, height 13.5 cm.
Model number 19.

De Eerste Steenwijker Kunst Aardewerk Fabriek (ESKAF) was a Dutch earthenware factory from 1919 through 1934. It was founded by Hilbrand Ras and Hein Krop in Steenwijk with the ideal to produce decorative earthenware affordable for anyone. W.H. van Norden worked at ESKAF from 1919 through 1921. After that he went back to Plateelfabriek De Distel. Many different artists have created designs for ESKAF, including Hildo Krop, the founder's son. The factory in Steenwijk was liquidated in 1927. The company was established in Huizen but finally dissolved in 1934.

Vase, model 306, with green and black mottled décor designed by Cornelis van der Sluys for ESKAF, 1927-34.

The forms of ESKAF, have a monumental character and are often undecorated and kept in one hue. They fit within the Dutch expression of expressionism, the Amsterdam School.

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Raro vaso Art Déco con decorazione di un uccellino, Vaso
Art Déco
Epoca stimata
Paese d’origine
Paesi Bassi
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