Amandyne Steropês - L’etreinte

Amandyne Steropês - L’etreinte
Tecnica mista - Firmato a mano, Consegna con certificato di autenticità e firmato sul retro - 2019

"Each work is part of the search for a sensual and sensory expression. My technique, both evasive and poetic, abandons itself over the course of drawing, to experience the accidents of matter in an approach that consists in trusting the elements.

The result, a half-calculated surprise, comes to reinvent a dream, always on the brink of the new and the desired, the concrete and the improbable. Above all, I hope that my paintings will vibrate with my passion for bodies, their mysteries, and the untameable life that puts them in motion..."

Today, she deconstructs human and matter, she reinvents and transforms to make and reveal pure energy in order to awaken the inner strength of each.

You can find her in actual galleries in Paris and in virtual galleries. She makes artistic displays and has sold internationally.
Should be followed with great interest.
I-CAC Certified Artist

Portrait :
I walk, amused tightrope walker, on the tense rope of my dreams, between the real and the image of the one who, as a child, laughed as she looked at the sky.

I chose a path made of giddiness... soldier in this life too short, dedicated and voluntary, I have the freedom of fools and the frank smile of a distraught artist.

Madly in love with life, my whole approach is a cry, a song of signs and colours, and I sometimes grasp the living fire of the world, between experience and surprise.

There are abysmal contradictions between my life as a police officer and the dance of my brushes. And it is this immense thread stretched between my two realities that vibrates and re-sounds so loud in each of my works... I offer here the fruit of my travels, inner and wandering, as one asks a question ... Is there a soul common to every manifestation of the world?

My work tries to regain the sensation of living all those rare and intimate moments, during which the "Divine" is embodied in us.

And I am looking for the spark that expresses reality, in a burst of laughter, a caress, a thrill.

After a military career (oh yes!), I yearn to find myself totally in the creative act, the only one that makes me feel alive..."

Dettagli lotto
Amandyne Steropês
Titolo dell'opera
Tecnica mista
Consegna con certificato di autenticità e firmato sul retro, Firmato a mano
Dimensioni totali
55×46×0.2 cm
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