KOKESHI (1) - Legno - Giappone - Seconda metà del 20° secolo

KOKESHI (1) - Legno - Giappone - Seconda metà del 20° secolo
39×12 12

Vintage Kokeshi doll which is estimated to have been created in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

The Kokeshi craft is an ancient Japanese tradition that started as early as the year 1850.

Wood is carefully selected to have the right qualities, the round base-shape is made with a lathe before hand tools are used to create the finished doll-shape. Lastly the doll is painted with pigments and waxed. Because of this manual process no two dolls are alike.

Originally Kokeshi dolls were children's toys, later they became more common as souvenirs from onsen village where they are still made to this day.

Kokeshi dolls have become an icon of Japan since they reflect Japanese aesthetic sensibilities with their simple, minimalist yet elegant design.

This is an exceptionally large example of these dolls.

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Seconda metà del 20° secolo
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39×12 12
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