Senza prezzo di riserva - grande lotto di stoviglie, argenteria - Placcato argento

Senza prezzo di riserva - grande lotto di stoviglie, argenteria - Placcato argento
Europa - Fine XX secolo

Large lot of silver-plated table utensils.

1 silver-plated champagne bucket, not marked, diameter 19.5, height 22 cm

1 round silver-plated serving dish, diameter 29 cm, brand Sivar (Delheid). Belgium, 1980s

6 small oval serving dishes, length 33 cm, width 21 cm. Marked MB (Metal blanc) and 1960s, France, 1940s

1 large oval serving dish, length 44 cm, length 28.5 cm. Marked 112.
Heavily used, catering quality, France, 1940s

1 large serving dish length 42.5 cm width 27.5 cm with lobes on the edge. Bottom desilvered. Marked Metal blanc and DS, France, 1960s

1 art-deco ice bucket, 11 cm, marked Eldée, France 1940s

1 Shaker Wiskemann, marked Wiskemann 40, 15, heavily used, battered. Belgium, 1930s.

1 ladle with king's pattern, length 31 cm, England, 1940s, marked with illegible maker's mark

1 deep angular bottle coaster in Art Deco style, Germany, not marked

1 modern napkin ring, not marked

1 milk jug Eldée, France

1 deep round bottle coaster diameter 10.5 cm, not clearly marked.

1 porridge dish, unmarked, with compartment to put water in like Bain Marie, art-deco style. Diameter: 17 cm

1 Milk jug, Christofle, heavily used, battered.

1 triangular tray Eldée 20 cm x 12 cm.

1 2-piece set for cake, orbeille, France, Empire style.

2 forks Christofle Spatours, heavily used.

2 art deco forks Christofle alfenide, good condition.

1 tea strainer Netherlands, marked Sola 90

5- hors d'oeuvre service, hildermeier Rosen (cream and sugar spoon, 2 small meat forks, 1 large meat fork), marked 90

1 small tray, not marked, length 24.5 cm, width 13 cm

1 small tray WMF, battered, length: 19 cm, width 11.5 cm

1 Art Deco butter dish with glass insert, diameter 11 cm

2 identical bottle coasters, Germany, Otto kaltenbach, art deco, 12.5 cm

3 small objects: Art Deco egg cup, sugar dish and napkin ring.

Insured and careful shipping in appropriate (possibly double) packaging by DPD.
Shipments outside of European territory are not yet possible because of customs restrictions due to the corona outbreak. The shipping costs apply to mainland destinations, a surcharge may be required for overseas territories and islands. A surcharge for customs formalities will be charged if applicable (outside the EU).
Due to the size of this lot, it is not possible to offer combined shipping.

Dettagli lotto
Senza prezzo di riserva - grande lotto di stoviglie, argenteria
Placcato argento
Periodo stimato
Fine XX secolo
Paese d’origine
In condizioni discrete - molto usato e con probabili piccoli pezzi mancanti.
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