Replica Asmat Ancestral Skull - Ndambirkus - with stand - - - 45×25×25 cm

Replica Asmat Ancestral Skull - Ndambirkus - with stand - - - 45×25×25 cm
2000 - Papua Nuova Guinea

Stunning replica skull of ndambirkus ancestor Asmat, Papua New Guinea. The object is in perfect condition, the feathers are shiny and thick and overall it is an interesting component of a house with a sophisticated and refined furnishing. The skull is covered with feathers of rooster, goose, tropical birds, shells and snake vertebrae, has traces of red and ocher ceremonial pigment on the forehead. Elegant black stand included.
The Asmat are an ethnic group of New Guinea, residing in the Papua province of Indonesia. Once a very belligerent people on the south-eastern coast of New Guinea, had a distinctive skull cult.

The skulls of important and honoured ancestors would be decorated (like the present example) and kept within the clan, to be venerated and publicly presented during special ceremonies.
Occasionally these skulls were also used as a pillow for sleeping or as a neck rest by the ‘reigning’ family head. These skulls were called ‘ndambirkus’.

Dettagli lotto
Replica Asmat Ancestral Skull
- Ndambirkus - with stand
Nome scientifico
Papua Nuova Guinea
45×25×25 cm
3 kg
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