Quattro Sophon Soda Smooth - Vetro e plastica

Quattro Sophon Soda Smooth - Vetro e plastica
Spagna - Seconda metà del 20° secolo

Four siphons - Glass
Spain - 2nd half of the 20th century
Spain - 1970
Smooth siphon.

These siphons are mainly decorative pieces carefully coloured by hand.
They have not been prepared for exhibition outdoors, therefore, they should avoid the direct sun light and water, so that the colouring products and their pigments are not damaged.
To keep them clean, just apply a dry cloth over the entire surface.

Turquoise smooth glass carafe - Red - Emerald - Orange
Plastic tap from the 1970s.

Approximate dimensions:
Height: 29 cm
Weight 1.4 kilos
Base diameter 9 cm

Perfect both, for use and decoration.
Contemporary colour outside.
There is no paint inside, it’s on the outside.
The interior is made of original glass and may contain particles or traces of lime.
It is a used item.

Dettagli lotto
Quattro Sophon Soda Smooth
Vetro e plastica
Periodo stimato
Seconda metà del 20° secolo
Paese d’origine
In ottime condizioni - usato raramente e con lievi segni di usura e dell’età.
29×9×9 cm
1.4 kg
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