Mikaela Dörfel - MENU - Candeliere - Double Candle Holder

Mikaela Dörfel - MENU - Candeliere - Double Candle Holder
Danimarca - Dopo il 2000 - Acciaio

Set of two 'Twisted' candlesticks made by solid steel and coloured black
Designed by Mikaela Dörfel, 2008, and produced by the company MENU, Denmark.
The candlesticks are marked on the bottom, one is marked 'Design: Mikaela Dörfel' the other one is marked with 'MENU'.
These are as brand new candle stick, with original box.
*Retired from market in 2018 and is out of production.
These candlesticks is not sold anymore, i was lucky to buy a stock from an professional painter, who was hired by the MENU company to paint the candlesticks in a glossy black, when finished the job he never heard from the company again, because of their retirement back in 2018.
Height: 32 cm.
Total weight: over 1 kilo.
MENU's most successful designs - Dance and movement inspire the design. The straight, robust bodies and the curved, slim arms appear both masculine and feminine at the same time.
Mikaela Dörfel was born and raised in Finland, she most often finds inspiration in the Scandinavian design tradition and nature. Known for its sheer design language, award-winning industrial designer Mikaela Dörfel has created collections for many international brands.
Original box is packed with air-bubbles, and corrugated cardboard - Is packed safe.!
-With T&T number(Track&Trace)
-Full Refund if parcel gets damaged or lost

Dettagli lotto
Designer / Artista
Mikaela Dörfel
Produttore / Marchio
Modello / nome
Double Candle Holder
Periodo stimato
Dopo il 2000
Paese d’origine
Come nuovo - mai usata
32×15×8 cm
1 kg
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