Scultura (1) - Alabastro, Marmo - Burma - Periodo Ava

Scultura (1) - Alabastro, Marmo - Burma - Periodo Ava
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Large-size alabaster or marble Buddha, 65 cm high, from the Ava period, late 17th century - 18th century, Myanmar (Burma).
Very heavy! 40-50 kg.
65 x 35 x 15 cm.

High quality sculpture, beautiful and very serene face, with the eyes half closed.
Calling the earth to witness, this Buddha is sitting on its stylized lotus throne carved in stone.
Some old red lacquer and gold leaf marks are visible all over the Buddha.

Piece of museum quality. For collectors.

Some missing pieces, cracks, breaks...

Shipment only within Europe!
Shipped in Belgium for free by myself.
For the Netherlands an arrangement is possible (free delivery possible).
For other European countries if the shipment is cheaper, a refund will be processed.
Very tall and very heavy Buddha.

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Alabastro, Marmo
Periodo Ava
Regione/paese d'origine
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65×35×15 cm
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