Giappone - Sadoaki Saku 最上作 (Autentic) WW2 - SHIN GUNTO IJA Long Gendaito era Showa WW2 MINTY - Katana - Spada

Giappone - Sadoaki Saku 最上作 (Autentic) WW2 - SHIN GUNTO IJA Long Gendaito era Showa WW2 MINTY - Katana - Spada
Eccellenti condizioni - 1941

I am pleased to offer this original handmade Japanese relic for the senior officers of the Samurai army in the Russo-Japanese period. This sword is in the original form in which it has been preserved since its time, belonging to a Colonel or TTe Colonel, the state is optimal and maintains all its beauty and splendour, it is mounted Shin Gunto Gendaito from the Second World War. The sword represents the rare opportunity to own a historical katana from the Showa period of WWII made in Seki a 市's arsenal and forged by Sadoaki Saku 最 上 作. The nakago also bears the mount mark with the mei or signature of the forger of the Imperial Japanese Navy and is mounted on rare Gunto mounts. The blade and supports are in excellent condition. The sword is long with blade (72.5 cm). It is also a large, thick and powerful sword, with a thickness around the world of 1 cm. The weight of the blade is almost 1.5 kg (3 pounds). The sword is well built and shows an itame fairy mixing with a tight ko-mokume fairy. The hamon is a city-style choji midare based on suguha. The hamon is present throughout the leaf through the kissaki, where it ends in a thick boshi midare. There are many activities like yubashiri, ashi, me and an utsuri around the hamon.


They could be attributed to the Mino school, reflecting a long list of blacksmiths who have worked in the province since ca. 1500 who are known and respected. They were known for making many swords to supply the factions in the Japanese civil wars of the 16th century. This appears to be a generation from the height of the TADAYOSHI workforce in the mid-16th century.
The mounts are from the -Japanese Gunto era. The frames are in mint condition MINTY. The tsuka is shaped like a saber and is in the MINTY state and has the same gift. The saya (scabbard) is metal plated outdoors. The metal housing is in excellent condition. Given the protective covering, the skirt is expected to be in good condition, retaining approximately 95-98% of the original finish. The blade is in perfect condition during the time elapsed. There are no nicks, no rust, and no scratches along the blade. There are no flaws like the hagire.
The sword contains a wood with the name of the officer who gave it to the allies in the capitulation of Japan returned to the USA as an extraction of the war trophy in 1945 by the United States Army during the occupation of Japan, the sword was bought . At a US Veterans Center a few years ago, the sword is 100% authentic and we certified it as such.

Given the history, craftsmanship, condition, and exceptional assemblies, I believe this piece would make a premium addition for a WWII military or Japanese sword collector, and I highly recommend it.

Supplied with original cloth bag.

Nagasa 72.5
Moto hada 3.1 cm
Seki hada 2.3
Moto gasane 0.7 cm
Saki Gasane 0.5 cm


Dettagli lotto
Paese di fabbricazione
Produttore / Costruttore
Sadoaki Saku 最上作 (Autentic) WW2
SHIN GUNTO IJA Long Gendaito era Showa WW2 MINTY
Tipo di arma
Eccellenti condizioni
Anno di fabbricazione
Tamahagane Steel
Lunghezza totale
104 cm
Lunghezza della canna / lama
72.5 cm
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