Stati Uniti d'America - Sharp - Model 1852 - Percussione - Carabina - 52

Stati Uniti d'America - Sharp - Model 1852 - Percussione - Carabina - 52
Condizioni molto buone - Non disattivata

SHARPS model 1852 carbine, cal 52. Flayderman P. 196,item 5 F 005.

Made by Robbins Lawrence Windsor, Vermont. for Sharps rifle Manufacturing Co Hartford Connecticut from 1853 up to 1855.
Serialised between number 2050 up to 7500, this is a first year production , serial 2793.
This one is fitted with varnished stocks. The books on sharps by Frank sellers, page 46 states that only 159 were ever sold having varnished stocks.
The stock is exceptionally fine for a 1852 carbine, hardly any blemishes, just a tiny chip where the stock meets the frame left side.
The stock bears the number 108 and number 520 in the patch box.
These markings can be found on identified US Navy specimens and thus this one could well be a military carbine, (item 5F 006 in the Flayderman).
But it needs more research to prove this.

This one is completely untouched. the makings are excellent and correct, bore is completely minty and it seems unfired.
All metal is light grey showing light spots, seems pitting, but it does not have any, metal is smooth.
The original squirrel ear sight is present and it is the early one , as should be.
Works perfect, is all numbers matching.

Here you have an outstanding model 1852 (difference with the 1853 is of course the serial number and the horizontal spring in front of the lever that opens up the loading block.) probably unfired and naval history to be researched. RARE

Only to be sold in Europe!

Dettagli lotto
Paese di fabbricazione
Stati Uniti d'America
Produttore / Costruttore
Tipo di arma
Meccanismo di sparo
Model 1852
Disattivazione certificata
Non disattivata
Condizioni molto buone
Lunghezza totale
100 cm
Lunghezza della canna / lama
20 in
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