Statua (1) - Bronzo - Khmer Bronze Sculpture of the Goddess Uma - Cambogia - Angkor Wat (1100-1175)

Statua (1) - Bronzo - Khmer Bronze Sculpture of the Goddess Uma - Cambogia - Angkor Wat (1100-1175)
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione


This striking bronze sculpture portrays the important Hindu Goddess Uma, and originates in the Khmer Empire.

This outstanding bronze sculpture portrays Uma standing with head raised, bearing a lotus flower in her right hand (the left, now empty, presumably held another such item).

She is naked from the waist up, with a slim waist, firm breasts and broad shoulders that convey both delicacy and strength.

Her elbows are flexed, with floral-motif armlets around each bicep and an ornate diademic torque around her neck.

She has a square, determined jaw, her face dominated by sardonically arched eyebrows, a broad nose and a half-smile on her lips.

She has pendulous earlobes and an ornate coiffure that imitates the form of a lotus bulb, decorated with medallions and a central spike at the apex.

The impression conveyed is one of strength and solidity, which is perhaps appropriate for the bride of the god of destruction. This is a beautiful piece of ancient art and a credit to any serious collection.


Early of 12century // C.1125


The statue shows a beautiful patina.
It is in good condition with age related wear.
The base is in grey stone with a tiny lack in corner
The measurements are 7.5 x 7.5 X 24 cm


First belgium private collection acquired in late 1980
Atfer auction in Pierre berge associes 15 november 2010
Atfer french private collection
Last purchase by our gallery to auction

Dettagli lotto
Numero complessivo di oggetti
Angkor Wat (1100-1175)
Regione/paese d'origine
Titolo dell'opera
Khmer Bronze Sculpture of the Goddess Uma
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
17.5×4.4×3 cm
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