Stati Uniti - Winchester - Model 1866 "Yellow boy" - third Model - N° 27574 / année 1869 - Percussione anulare - Fucile - .44 Henry RF

Stati Uniti - Winchester - Model 1866 "Yellow boy" - third Model - N° 27574 / année 1869 - Percussione anulare - Fucile - .44 Henry RF
Eccellenti condizioni - La canna è rigata

Rare 1866 ‘Yellow-boy’ model Winchester rifle .44 calibre Henry RF or .44 Flat CF - 3rd model 1869:
- Total length: 111 cm, barrel 61 cm
Weight: 4.3 kg

In 1866, the New Haven Arms Company changed its name to Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The 1866 model was the first firearm built under the name Winchester.
This rifle is very similar to the famous Henry rifle, of which it is a considerably improved version.
They were extremely popular on the Western frontier after the Civil War and generally experienced extremely extensive use.
About 170,000 of the 1866 model were manufactured from 1866 until 1898:
- Rifle: round or octagonal barrel About 28,000 produced.
- Carbine: round barrel About 127,000 produced.
- Musket: round barrel About 14,000 produced.
Commonly called ‘Yellowboy’ because of its bronze body.
This rifle is a third model that was manufactured in 1869, serial number 27574 (very early in the production that began in 1866).
The third model was manufactured from 1869 to 1877 (serial number from 25,000 to 149,000).

Octagonal barrel marked on the top plane on two lines (partially legible):
‘Winchester's Repeating Arms, New Haven, CT, King's improvement - patented - March 29, 1866 October 16, 1860’
Sliding rear sight and graduated front sight, half-moon brass recoil pad with holder for the rod.
Please note: the back flange fastener is absent, the 2 grenadières as well as the rod (in the stock).
This rifle uses a .44 calibre Henry or .44 calibre Flat CF (or .440 Brazilian) rimfire cartridge:
A replacement breech for centre-fire is also included.

Rifle in very good original condition, no dents, bronzing still present, but attenuated.
Mechanism in very good condition, complete and functional, very firm springs.
Barrel with beautiful rifling marks.
Wood in good condition (healthy and undented) with 2 minor defects:
One crack along the length (old repair) and at the beginning of the butt, very light (see pictures).

Please see the pictures; I will happily answer your questions.
Sales only within France and Europe.
Good luck at auction.


Dettagli lotto
Paese di fabbricazione
Stati Uniti
Produttore / Costruttore
Model 1866 "Yellow boy" - third Model
Tipo di arma
Meccanismo di sparo
Percussione anulare
N° 27574 / année 1869
.44 Henry RF
Eccellenti condizioni
Rigatura della canna
La canna è rigata
Lunghezza totale
111 cm
Lunghezza della canna / lama
61 cm
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