Ritual Bloom - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 3x500ml, 3x100ml

Ritual Bloom - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 3x500ml, 3x100ml
Varie - Peloponneso - Grecia


3 Bottles of Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil 500ml PLUS 3 Bottles of 100 ml. produced by RITUAL BLOOM - GREECE.

RITUAL BLOOM: “Earth, trees and sun, are our ingredients”.
Four thousand years ago, humans made olive oil in rituals of timeless simplicity. With this heritage as our inspiration, using only natural ingredients, Ritual Bloom introduces its Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil. Ritual Bloom produces only the finest extra virgin olive oil, from olive trees that have been thoroughly selected from the historic olive groves of Sparta.
Hand-picked olive fruits are individually chosen for their color, ripeness and prime condition and are bottled in certified facilities, to offer a premium organic product.
Ritual Bloom’s unique flavor derives from a blend of two of the finest and most sought-after Greek olive cultivars. Koroneiki, for its pungent taste and golden-green color and Athinolia, with its characteristic light texture and balanced flavor, rich in polyphenols. The result is an excellent extra virgin olive oil containing all necessary nutrition ingredients, as part of a complete Mediterranean diet.

Dettagli lotto
Numero di bottiglie
Tipo di olio/aceto
Olio extravergine di oliva
3x500ml, 3x100ml
Nome del produttore
Ritual Bloom
Denominazione di origine protetta (DOP)
Condizioni della bottiglia
Confezione originale
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