Pratt, Hugo - Strip original - Corto Maltese - La Jeunesse de Corto - (1981)

Pratt, Hugo - Strip original - Corto Maltese - La Jeunesse de Corto - (1981)
BB (Bellissimo) - 1 Illustrazione originale - Format 48 x 16 cm.

All collectors of original illustrations would be very proud to highlight in their library a ‘Strip’ or an ‘Original Plate’ of this remarkable album designed by Hugo Pratt in 1981: ‘La Jeunesse de Corto Maltese’.

As the original illustrations of this album are rare on the market, very few collectors realized that these strips are quite large, for which each panel measures 15 x 15 cm, and therefore more than 45 cm x15 cm for a whole strip, which makes the framings very spectacular and appropriate for modern interiors.

This album titled ‘La Jeunesse de Corto Maltese’ is very famous in Italy and in the French-speaking countries for the following reasons:

- Pre-publication by individual strips in 1982 in Italy (magazine L’internauta: The Gionivezza) and in France (Le Matin de Paris) in 1981 and 1982 (A Suivre, Casterman).

- Many publications in albums and reissues in black and white + colour, for which illustrations found on the Internet are presented as documentation in this lot.

- Exceptional encounter between Corto Maltese, Rasputin and Jack London to make a mythical trio in the history of the European comics, only in this album.

This strip is very evocative of this famous first war between Russia and Japan from 1904 to 1905 and, especially of this ambivalent atmosphere of end of war which starts from the first plate of this story, with Raspoutine killing a Japanese soldier while the end of the war is announced, and will serve as a framework of the whole story...

Hugo Pratt had the intelligence to mix fictional characters, such as Corto Maltese,.... with other characters more rooted in reality, like Jack London, the American... and the Russian Rasputin.

Besides, Hugo Pratt treats himself... and his readers in this remarkable strip by presenting an Illustration in the central panel worthy of the cover of an edition of this album, with an attitude which sums up the atmosphere of the end of the album:

RASPOUTINE to the left,... with an elusive stare..... (since he is the one who killed Lieutenant Sakai...).

JACK LONDON... wondering what is happening to him...

CORTO MALTESE... who will soon understand that Raspoutine is the murderer....

This Hugo Pratt ‘MASTERPIECE’ is enough to enhance a beautiful collection of original illustrations...

A strip first and foremost intended for an individual publication beautifully handled by Hugo Pratt.... like the great stories published in daily newspapers....

Large-size strip, original texts hand written in Italian by Pratt in pencil, which is a ‘true miracle’, since this strip has been published several times in French with various books (see illustration of the details of the successive publications).

This very decorative lot is very attractive for an Italian or French collector. It will be impressive with a nice frame that will enhance the prestige of a large collection.

Free registered shipping with insurance worldwide, including France and Italy, of course...

Dettagli lotto
Illustrazione originale
N° di oggetti
Corto Maltese
- Strip original - Corto Maltese - La Jeunesse de Corto
Anno (oggetto più vecchio)
BB (Bellissimo)
Format 48 x 16 cm.
Pratt, Hugo
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