Dave Rex Tee - Verte

Dave Rex Tee - Verte
Tecnica mista - Firmato, Certificato su richiesta - Sessioni di blocco - 2020

Studio Aesse is an international art gallery with a focus on contemporary art. The art gallery is dedicated to expose established and emerging artist, expressing themselves in abstraction, street art, photography and sculpture.

Instagram: studio_aesse

These artworks are part of the group show "Lockdown Sessions". The show is visible at the Studio Aesse gallery in Antwerp Belgium from the 2nd till the 11th of October 2020. Visit our website and Instagram for the more information and impressions.

Dave Rex Tee lives and works in Antwerp and is the co-founder of the popular and emerging artist collective ‘LoodsDesDoods’.

Rex is highly influenced by the dark spectrum of life, the world of the occult and all of its symbols and signs. He makes a range of work, going from paintings to sculptures and masks, that combine human and animal anatomy. Rex’ art flirts with the fleeing aspect of life, the decomposition of all living creatures, yet is has the contradiction of instantly feeling alive.

Dettagli lotto
Titolo dell'opera
Tecnica mista
Certificato su richiesta, Firmato
Sessioni di blocco
Dimensioni dell’immagine
36×30 cm
Venduto con cornice
Dimensioni totali
36×30×7 cm
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