Jean Salabet, Juan Bayón Salado (1913-1995) - La Tour de l'Horloge et la Conciergerie, Paris

Jean Salabet, Juan Bayón Salado (1913-1995) - La Tour de l'Horloge et la Conciergerie, Paris
Olio su tela - Firmato a mano - 1951-1956

J. Salabet is a pseudonym used by Juan Bayón Salado, also known as Bay Sala, during the years 1950-1957 when he was living and painting in Paris.

A certificate of authenticity of the painting, issued by the artist’s son, will be given to the buyer.

The painting is reproduced in the catalogue of one exhibition held by the artist at Bilbao’s Galería Bay Sala in 2008.

Oil on canvas, signed on the lower left corner. A good frame but with signs of the passage of time. It is not included in the sale but it will be sent as a gift.

Artist from Biscay. Juan Bayón Salado was born in Logroño on the 24th of June 1913. He died in Bilbao on the 2nd of April, 1995.

In 1918 he moved to Bilbao. In the early 1930s, he installed his easel at Bilbao’s Arenal, where he painted and raffled his paintings among the attendees in order to help his parents. At the time, he used to sign as Bayón, and soon after he became an important referent in the area. According to the painter Manuel de Gracia,

“Deeply human and supportive, faced with the Bermeo catastrophe, where several fishermen had died as a result of a gale-force, and in Santurce, in light of another fisherman’s death, he did not hesitate to donate all his paintings in order to raise funds for the widows and orphans. During our competition, he painted at the Arenal for eight days in a row, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., in order to raise money for the Hospital de Sangre of Euskadi’s Government. These are actions that he repeated once and once again throughout his life, whenever circumstances required it: the floods in Bilbao, the Ortuella explosion...and so many others.

In 1941 he celebrated his first exhibition in Bilbao and a year later he exhibited his works in Zaragoza, where for the first time he used the pseudonym Bay Sala as signature of his works; that same year he also exhibited his works in Logroño and Bilbao. In 1943 he attended the Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes with the painting Puerto de Motrico, and held exhibitions in Barcelona and Bilbao. Two years later his work La Mina Abandonada was present at the Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes. That same year, he presented himself to the first Exposición Provincial de Bellas Artes, in Bilbao, with the works Riberas Frondosas and La Mina Abandonada, and he obtained the Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Bilbao’s gold medal. From that date onwards he did not participate in any other contest.

In 1945 he was a founding partner of the Asociación Artística Vizcaína. In 1948 he participated in the exhibitions “35 Paisajes Vascos” at the Witcomb Gallery in Buenos Aires and he also made his presentation in Madrid. In search of the roots of Impressionism, in the spring of 1950 he set off for Paris, where he settled his residence until the end of 1969. During those twenty years, as Manuel Lumbreras indicates:

“He regularly exhibited his works at the Roussard gallery in Paris, as well as at Salón Cano in Madrid and at the former Sala Arte of Bilbao. He was summoned from Buenos Aires and Tokyo and he was selected, along with 35 other artists, to cover the 16th and 17th editions of the Salon de Toile in Paris, together with such eminent artists such as Cocteau, Dalí, Dufy, Picasso, Utrillo and Vlaminck, among others. His works became part of the most important international collections around the world.

In 1968 he held exhibitions in Tokyo and in Paris. A year later, he returned for good to Bilbao, where he regularly held exhibitions, as well as in Madrid and Barcelona; he also spent long periods painting in The Netherlands, France, Italy, the USSR, Belgium and Ireland.

In 1971, his son Juan Bayón opened a small gallery of barely 16m2 in Iparraguirre street. It was called Bay Sala and it presented a collective exhibition with works by A. Alegre, Bardasano, Bay Sala, M. de Gracia, C. Gil, Herráez, Largacha, Luzuriaga, Martínez Díaz, Olaortúa, R. Calpena, J. Quesada and R Sáez. In October 1975, the gallery moved to Licenciado Poza street, 14. The inaugural exhibition of this new space was a tribute to four Basque artists who obtained medals at the Exposiciones Provinciales de Bellas Artes: Bay Sala, Largacha, Merino and Párraga. To this exhibitions followed many individual and collective ones by artists such as Anglada, Benedito, Madrazo, Pradilla, Martín Rico, Lucas Padilla, Marceliano Santa María, C. Pía, Pérez Villamil, Picasso, Grau Sala, Puigdengolas, San Vicens, Millares, Amat, Mallol, Pichot, R. Domingo, Muñoz Degrain or Martínez Vázquez among many others. Among them all, Juan Bayón's work was regularly displayed at the gallery.

With a group of painter friends, Bay Sala created the “Paleta del Nervión” talks. As a result of this idea, the “Paleta de Oro del Nervión” trophy was created. It is periodically awarded to the most outstanding artists. Among them, to Bay Sala himself (1984), Martínez Díaz, Largacha, Juan Manuel Lumbreras and to Manuel de Gracia.

In 1985 he was invited to the exhibition “Maestros Actuales de la Pintura Española” for the inauguration of the gallery The Embassy, in Miami, Florida. In 1991 he was appointed Honorary Fellow of the Asociación Artística Vizcaína. His works are at the Museo de Bellas Artes of Bilbao an at the Museo San Telmo of San Sebastián, among others.

After his death in 1995, his ashes were spread at the foot of Nuestra Señora de la Antigua, in the Txarlazo, a place overlooking the valley of Orduña -painted so many times by him -and very close to his Amurrio residence.

Source: Enciclopedia Auñamendi

NOTE: The painting will not be sent to Taiwan because it contains wood.

Dettagli lotto
Jean Salabet, Juan Bayón Salado (1913-1995)
Titolo dell'opera
La Tour de l'Horloge et la Conciergerie, Paris
Olio su tela
Firmato a mano
In buone condizioni generali
Venduto con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
46×55 cm
Dimensioni totali
71×81×5 cm
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