2005 Dom Perignon Tokujin Yoshioka Limited Edition - Champagne Rosé - 1 Bottiglia (0.75L)

2005 Dom Perignon Tokujin Yoshioka Limited Edition - Champagne Rosé - 1 Bottiglia (0.75L)
Champagne Rosé d'annata - Francia

The Tokujin Yoshioka Limited Edition in the 2005 Rosé edition is a collector’s item for any design fan!

Tokujin Yoshioka has collaborated for an exclusive edition with Dom Pérignon for the Rosé 2005. The Japanese designer is internationally known for his installations featuring light and colour. The label of this Dom Pérignon Rosé 2005 looks as if it was illuminated. The holographic style of it fits the image and character of the French champagne brand pretty well. In the past, Dom Pérignon has proved real taste with multiple other collaborations with renowned artists like Jeff Koons or Iris van Herpen.

The Dom Perignon Rosé 2005 Tokujin Yoshioka Limited Edition shines from the inside and out

With the inside of this beautiful bottle you will be astonished once more by the beauty and quality of this rosé. 2005 has been a warm and dry year, perfect for growing Pinot Noir grapes. But just a few weeks before the grape harvested was meant to start, heavy rain falls started in the Champagne region. Due to this, a lot of the harvest couldn’t be used for the production of this rosé. Only the best grapes made it into this champagne which explains both the great taste and higher price of this cuvée.

The rosé 2005 comes with exotic notes of guava and curry leaves in the nose that are followed by notes of lemon peels and stone fruit. Hints of cocoa and roasted spices round off this great first impression. On the palate, you will be amazed by the lively character of this rosé. The finish is characterised by hints of lickerish and a touch of blood orange.

Dettagli lotto
Champagne Rosé d'annata
Produttore, nome del vino
Dom Perignon Tokujin Yoshioka Limited Edition
Numero di bottiglie
Dimensioni della bottiglia
Bottiglia (0.75L)
Livello di riempimento
Tipo di bottiglia borgognona/champagnotta/flauto, livello di riempimento 1 cm
Condizioni dell’etichetta
Etichetta completamente intatta, leggibile
Condizioni di capsula/tappo
Capsula di metallo completamente intatta
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