Arnold N - 2923 - Automotrice - DW 8 "Kittel" - DRG

Arnold N - 2923 - Automotrice - DW 8 "Kittel" - DRG
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Arnold N - 2923 - Motor car - DW 8 "Kittel" - DRG

Tested and fully functional.
Directional front lighting and interior lighting
Powered on 2 axles.

¨Dampftriebwagen¨ of the DRG
Company number 774
Era II.
Württembergische construction style with Kittel boiler
Passengers may travel on a 3rd class ticket

The Württembergse DW (Dampf Wagen) is a trainset with a steam boiler which was built on behalf of the Königlich-Württembergischen Staatseisenbahnen (K.W.St.E.) and was intended for use on the sidelines. A total of 17 units were built, of which the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG) took over 5 units from the K.W.S.T.E. The train set seated 40 passengers.

In November 1895, Württemberg State Railways (K.W.St.E.) ordered the first steam powered train set from Societé Serpollet in Paris. They then built the DW 1, a 2-axled steam powered train set which had a Serpollet boiler. This train set, in which the boiler was positioned at the front of the carriage, was suitable for one-man operation so that the engineer could also act as stoker. The boiler consists of a tube system which was installed in a fireproof casing.

In the period from 1899-1903, the Machinenfabrik Esslingen supplied 6 more of these steam-driven vehicles with Serpollet boilers (DW 2-DW 7) which were built under license. However, their performance was rather disappointing, as these boilers provided insufficient power. In 1904, the engineer Eugen Kittel developed an upright boiler with a firebox for the Maschinenfabrik Esslingen, for use in these vehicles. Above this boiler there was a large super-heater that ensured sufficient power. In the period from 1905-1909, the Machinenfabrik Esslingen supplied the K.W.St.E. with 9 of these steam powered trains (DW 8 - DW 14, DW 16 and DW 17) with this "Kittel" type boiler. The remaining units (DW 1-DW 7) which were still fitted with the Serpollet boiler, were all soon converted. Their Serpollet boilers were then also replaced with the "Kittel" boiler. The DW 1 was then renumbered as DW 15.

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DW 8 "Kittel"
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