Indonesia - Satèngga Padri - Fucile a miccia - Moschetto

Indonesia - Satèngga Padri - Fucile a miccia - Moschetto
Condizioni discrete - 1816

Satèngga Padri rifle. Padang highlands, Minangkabau, Sumatra. (see: 'De Inlandsche Kunstnijverheid in Nederlandsch Indië' by J.E. Jasper and Mas Pirngadie, Part V; "De bewerking van niet-edele metalen." (The Hague 1930). Page 141, Figure 241 and page 142, Figure 242. Total length 168 cm. The barrel 139.5 cm. Total weight 5 kilos. The name Padri comes from the plural of the Portuguese word 'padre' which means 'priest'. From 1803 to 1837, the Padri Wars raged on Sumatra. A group of fanatical religious foremen (the padri) wanted to forcibly introduce Salafism against the will of the population. Local administrators enlisted the help of the Dutch authorities. The Royal Netherlands Indian Army (KNIL) waged a years-long guerrilla struggle. In 1822, the main production facility of the Satèngga Padri rifles was destroyed. The rifle is not a reproduction but about 200 years old and that shows itself. The trigger mechanism is present but blocked. Registered shipping with Track & Trace by PostNL.


Dettagli lotto
Paese di fabbricazione
Tipo di arma
Meccanismo di sparo
Fucile a miccia
Satèngga Padri
Condizioni discrete
Anno di fabbricazione
Ferro (ghisa/battuto), Legno, Ottone
Lunghezza totale
168 cm
Lunghezza della canna / lama
139.5 cm
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