Sam Shaw (1912-1999) - Marilyn Monroe| Make up time | 1956

Sam Shaw (1912-1999) - Marilyn Monroe| Make up time | 1956
Stampa C, Printed on Ilfochrome Classic Paper - Timbro dell'artista, Timbro dell'Archivio; Timbro dello stampatore - 5/10 - 2009

SAM SHAW (1912-1999) “MARILYN MONROE, 1956” #4
Photo of Marilyn Monroe taken by the Hollywood star photographer’s Sam Shaw in 1956 on the set's backstage, while Marilyn is at the make-up time.

Black and white photo printed on Ilfochrome Classic paper, 40 x 30 cm
On verso the photo is stamped by Artist's stamp, Sam Shaw Family Archives stamp and the printer Atelier Deriaz stamp.
Edition: “5/10”
number of the edition written in pencil inside the Sam Shaw Family Archives' stamp
On verso on the lower left side written in pencil "#4".

This photo is part of a special edition COLLECTION V very rare only 7 portfolio of this edition were dedicated to the market (3 portfolios are in the editor, atelier and artist's archives).
Edition made in 2009 curated by Gabriele Mazzotta Editore (Milano), printed by Atelier Deriaz, (Baulmes, CH) for Mazzotta Art Selection in agreement with Sam Shaw Family Archives.

The photo is in perfect condition, MINT. The photo is sold with the original anti acid paper.

Professional packaging for the shipping and insurance included in the shipping quotation.

Dettagli lotto
Sam Shaw (1912-1999)
Titolo dell'opera
Marilyn Monroe| Make up time | 1956
Printed on Ilfochrome Classic Paper, Stampa C
Timbro dell'Archivio; Timbro dello stampatore, Timbro dell'artista
Data di stampa
SPL (Splendido)
Dimensioni dell’immagine
40×30 cm
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