Hans Habraken (1946) - Groene pruimen

Hans Habraken (1946) - Groene pruimen
Olio su pannello - Firmato a mano - 21e eeuw

Johannes Habraken, 11th March 1946. He was already interested in drawing and painting at a young age. Eventually his love of painting strongly reflected in his paintings, which he paints to perfection. This is thanks to his powerful brush strokes with which he smoothly paints warm tones on panel. His very own colour palette is made up mainly of warm tones. This also shows a lot of experience and great craftsmanship. His style and professionalism are often compared to those of the "old masters", but his work unmistakably possesses its own unique identity. He has a wide range of choices of subjects: landscapes, still lifes and portraits, marines.
This is a wonderful work for connoisseurs and collectors.

Dettagli lotto
Hans Habraken (1946)
Titolo dell'opera
Groene pruimen
21e eeuw
Olio su pannello
Firmato a mano
In buone condizioni
Venduto con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
15×30 cm
Dimensioni totali
18×33×3.5 cm
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