Germany - 8 carati Oro - Anello Antica ambra baltica antica

Germany - 8 carati Oro - Anello Antica ambra baltica antica
Misura: 19.4 mm (61) - Peso totale: 5.5 g

A unique golden Baltic Amber 333 Gold (8K with Hallmark) Ring which was made in Germany, very nice and high quality old antique Baltic Amber.

The amber pieces of this Ring have been cut from single piece of original amber. (They are not pressed amber pieces. Pressed amber pieces are much cheaper.) The amber are also not treated with any method and not dyed.

You would see variations, visibly different color tones from gold to brown during weathering.

The last picture show the amber changing color under UV light.

Amber classification: 1AAA
Place of origin of amber: Baltic Sea.
Age of the amber: 40-50 million years
Gemstone: selected Baltic amber
Color: golden, perfect color
Unique piece: yes
Ring interior Diameter: 19.4 mm (61)
Amber Size: 26*10.2 mm
Net weight: 5.5 g

Done tests:
Amber heated emits a smell typical for Baltic amber smell of incense.
Ultra-violet radiation test has been carried out. Range of colors by Baltic amber.
This jewelry product in salt water swims. In fresh water sinking.

The item will be shipped well-packaged and by registered post.

Please note: we guarantee that this item is made of 100% precious amber, authentic and not dyed! Has also been appraised and tested for value and authenticity by a certified jeweler.

Bidders need to be aware that several countries do not allow importing objects derived from endangered and other protected species, even if a certificate of origin is provided. By bidding, you confirm that you have familiarized yourself with customs laws and regulations of your own country.

Dettagli lotto
Titolo del materiale
8 carati
19.4 mm (61)
Peso totale
5.5 g
Ottime condizioni - leggermente usato con piccoli segni di usura
Pietra principale
Antica ambra baltica antica
Trattamento della pietra principale
Nessuna indicazione di trattamento
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