Hans van den Berkmortel - Staring at what?

Hans van den Berkmortel - Staring at what?
Stampa digitale - Firmato - Unico

Almost surreal photo of a hot dog salesman, a woman unsuspectingly walking into the picture and the woman herself looking surprised at something, but at what? The photo was taken in the heart of New York and the wall is a red, a wooden wall that shields a construction site. This creates a lot of contrast and atmosphere.

Original print on dibond, it is the original and only print that was in the solo exhibition ALLES IS WAAR by the photographer Hans van den Berkmortel in De Cacaofabriek in Helmond (2017).

During this exhibition a book has also been published with this image in it, a signed copy is sent free of charge with this photo.

Dettagli lotto
Hans van den Berkmortel
Titolo dell'opera
Staring at what?
Stampa digitale
Condizioni originali
Dimensioni dell’immagine
70×105 cm
Dimensioni totali
70×105×3 cm
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