Francia - medal - Medaglia Croce di Combattente

Francia - medal - Medaglia Croce di Combattente
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Weight: 19.17 Gr.

36.65x36.36 mm

The Soldiers Cross, (French: "Croix du combattant") is a French award that was established after the first world war but since then has continued to exist as award for who really fought for France. This cross was and is certainly not awarded for services behind the battle line.
The French Government understood that the country owed much to the soldiers at the front of the first world war. Georges Clemenceau said "Ils ont des droits sur nous". France honored the soldiers with awards but also with special passes such as the "carte du combattant" [1]. This pass was also awarded to the Veterans of the Franco-Prussian War and the previous colonial wars. Three years later, on 28 June 1930 also followed a more tangible tribute, in the form of this cross.
A jury chose as wear sign a design of the veteran M. Doumenc.

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