Union - Express - Bicletta da strada - 1979

Union - Express - Bicletta da strada - 1979
Originale - Dimensioni telaio: 60 cm

Union Express men's bike, built in January 1979 (see brake lever, back pedal brake and frame number), original, unrestored.

This bike used to be my grandfather's. An expert said he had only seen this bike on three occasions in 25 years. The bike is still largely original except for the outer tyres, luggage carrier, saddle and headlight.

The headlight is branded "Intercycle" from competitor Batavus.
It is striking that the model "Express" (see slanted bottom tube) does not appear in Union's leaflets and price lists from that period. What seemed to happen in the bicycle industry was that large bicycle manufacturers made special batches of bicycles for large buyers
(such as Halfords, V&D, foreign customers...), either under a separate brand name or - as apparently in this case - under the well-known brand, but as a separate model. Given the name of the bicycle repairer on the rear mudguard: L. Janssen, railway station bike storage in Goes, the Express was most likely the (short-lived) Union model for Dutch station bike sheds.

Collection in Middelburg, the Netherlands.

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Bicletta da strada
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Paesi Bassi
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Dimensioni telaio
60 cm
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