Royal Albert - Servizio da tè per 6 persone - Porcellana

Royal Albert - Servizio da tè per 6 persone - Porcellana
Inghilterra - Seconda metà del 20° secolo

A stunning Royal Albert Brigadoon tea set with a Scottish thistle pattern in soft blue and pink and gild rims

It consists of:
6 Montrose shape cups H11 cm
6 saucers 14cm diameter
6 plates 16cm diameter
Teapot – 25cm
Twin handle cake plate – 26cm
Milk Jug – 12cm
Sugar Bowl – 11cm

ROYAL ALBERT synonymous with quality.
Excellent condition, no chips, cracks or crazing.

“BRIGADOON” means a place that is idyllic, unaffected by time, or remote from reality.

The legend of Brigadoon is the story of a mythical village in the Scottish Highlands that became enchanted centuries ago remaining unchanged and invisible to the outside world except for one special day every hundred years. This enchanted day is spent in joy and celebration. Those who happen upon Brigadoon may remain in this beguiling place only if they love another enough to give up the world outside.

Dettagli lotto
Servizio da tè per 6 persone
Produttore / Marchio
Royal Albert
Periodo stimato
Seconda metà del 20° secolo
Paese d’origine
In ottime condizioni - usato raramente e con lievi segni di usura e dell’età.
4.7 kg
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