Carl Kunst - Bilgeri Ski - Carl Kunst - Anni 1910

Carl Kunst - Bilgeri Ski - Carl Kunst - Anni 1910
Poster - Festività stagionali, Sport - Austria

Karl Kunst (1884-1912)
H: 51 cm, W: 85 cm
This elegant travel poster is an advertisement for skis. In 1902 Colonel George Bilgeri, an officer in the Austrian army began the large-scale production of skis. When Bilgeri-Ski-Ausrüstung was displayed in 1910, it was highlighting Bilgeri’s newest improvements, new bindings, and the use of two poles. The poster highlights both of these features in highly rendered detail. The beautiful snow-covered alpine background featuring the world-famous Matterhorn is the backdrop of the whole scene. The rich purple tones, while unusual, highlight the golden yellow colour of the skis and poles. The use of limited colour and simplified naturalism is a direct influence from the Munich School and tie in very closely to more contemporary styles.

Dettagli lotto
Carl Kunst
Titolo del poster
Bilgeri Ski - Carl Kunst
Anni 1910
Festività stagionali, Sport
Paese d’origine
A- (ottimo - piccole imperfezioni)
51×85 cm
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