Scultura (1) - Marmo - Burma - Mandalay

Scultura (1) - Marmo - Burma - Mandalay
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A superb marble Buddha from the Mandalay period, 19th century. Myanmar (Burma).
Large-size piece, very heavy.
53 cm high x 39 cm x 29 cm.

Sitting in the Bhumisparsha mudra position, this superb Buddha sculpture still contains red, black, gold lacquer marks and is adorned with glass tassels inlaid on the forehead.
A superb and very expressive face. The details are of high quality with a very finely trimmed nose and half-closed eyes.
Sitting with his legs crossed, this Buddha is typically represented in the Mandalay way with his adornment and long monastic dress. The hands are cut with great finesse.
Very high quality and genuine piece.
Superb patina.
Piece for collectors.

Some missing pieces, cracks, breaks...

Shipment only within Europe!
Shipped in Belgium for free by myself.
For the Netherlands an arrangement is possible (free delivery possible).
For other European countries if the shipment is cheaper, a refund will be processed.
Very tall and very heavy Buddha weighing more than 40 kg!

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53×39×29 cm
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