Scultura (1) - Bronzo, Lacca, Oro - Laos - XVIII secolo

Scultura (1) - Bronzo, Lacca, Oro - Laos - XVIII secolo
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Very Rare

Very large and beautiful sculpture in bronze of a Laotian Buddha from the 18h century. 66 cm (+/- 30 kilograms).
During this period, hundreds of items of this kind of Buddha would be placed in caves and caverns in Laos, where Buddhist monks and followers would pray and donate offerings.
Sitting on his lotus-shaped throne and taking the Earth as witness, this magnificent primitive Buddha presents a serene and very expressive face.
Very heavy piece in bronze, finished off with gold foil.

Piece of collection.

With a few lacks, breaks and cracks.

The delivery includes: insurance, packaging and shipment.
The buyer will receive a refund if the fees are cheaper than expected.

Dettagli lotto
Numero complessivo di oggetti
Bronzo, Lacca, Oro
XVIII secolo
Regione/paese d'origine
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66×35×26 cm
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