Rollei Rolleicord V

Rollei Rolleicord V
Fotocamera reflex biottica (TLR) - Buono (usato e funzionante con segni d’uso visibili)

Rolleicord V 6x6

In beautiful condition. Some paint loss on the sides of the back only. Otherwise very neat. Cosmetically I give it 8 out of 10 points, but please take look at the pictures and see for yourself. The recording lens is one Schneider Xenar 3.5/75mm, an excellent Tessar clone (4 lens elements). Both lenses are beautiful, clear and clean. No damage or fungus. The Synchro Compur shutter (B, 1s - 1/500s) has had service by Hans Klinkhamer and runs nicely on time. The camera is complete with the original bag. It looks okay (6.5) and can be used well. By using adapters, a Rolleicord V can be adjusted for 4x4, 4x5 shots on 120 film and with a Rolleikin set you can also use 35 mm film. Ideal for portraits.

This is an excellent camera to use right away, but certainly beautiful enough for a collector.

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Rolleicord V
Tipo di oggetto/dispositivo
Fotocamera reflex biottica (TLR)
Buono (usato e funzionante con segni d’uso visibili)
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