J.-L. Forain - La Comédie Parisienne. Deux cent cinquante dessins - 1892

J.-L. Forain - La Comédie Parisienne. Deux cent cinquante dessins - 1892
Illustrati, Satira sociale, - Quantità: 1 - Libro

Edition from the same year than the first edition, with mention of a 4th thousand, on usual paper, 'Comédie parisienne', illustrated with 250 drawings by FORAIN (cartoons).

Louis-Henri Forain, known as Jean-Louis Forain, born in Reims on October 23, 1852 and died in Paris on July 11, 1931, is a French painter, goguettier, illustrator and engraver. Many newspapers such as L'Écho de Paris, The New York Herald, Le Journal Amusant, Le Rire, Le Temps, L'Assiette au Beurre, Le Gaulois also argue over his caustic spirit. He explains in Le Fifre, his own newspaper launched in 1889, that he wants to "tell everyday life, show the ridiculousness of certain pains, the sadness of many joys." With the Boulanger movement, the Panama scandal, and the Dreyfus affair, Forain turned away from social satire and gradually turned to political satire against the baseness of the Third Republic.

One octavo volume of 248pp., complete.

Honey half-morocco, adorned ribbed spine, ochre title label. Period binding. In good condition, slightly blackened spine, yellowed pages, uncut margins. In good condition.

Dettagli lotto
Numero di Libri
Illustrati, Satira sociale,
Autore/ Illustratore
J.-L. Forain
Titolo del Libro
La Comédie Parisienne. Deux cent cinquante dessins
Buone condizioni
Anno di pubblicazione dell’oggetto più vecchio
Edizione illustrata
Lingua originale
Paris, Charpentier et E. Fasquelle
Mezza pelle
Numero di pagine
19×12 cm
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