Nikon NIKKOR-T 600mm f / 9 ED

Nikon NIKKOR-T 600mm f / 9 ED
Fotocamera 8x10 - Quasi perfetto (near mint, usato e funzionante senza segni d'uso)

This lot offers a used Nikon NIKKOR-T 600 mm f/9 ED telephoto lens for formats up to 8x10 in. This lens is in excellent optical condition with smooth external surfaces without spots in the Nikon Super Integrated optical coatings.
This exceptional lens does not show any signs of use on the barrel or on the shutter. Of course, the shutter synchronises with electronic flash at all speeds from 1 sec to 1/125th second as well as B and T.
This giant of a lens will be supplied with the original Nikon front and rear lens caps.

Original packaging!


Manufacturer: Nikon, Japan
Focal length: 600 mm
Optical construction: 6 elements, 5 groups
Lens type: telephoto large format
ED glass elements: 2
Covering: 19º at f / 9; 29º at f / 22
Image circle: f / 9 = 7.87 in / 200 mm; f / 22 = 12.2 inch / 310 mm
Maximum recommended size: 8x10 in / 20x25 cm
Shutter: Copal 3
Aperture range: f/9 to f/64
Shutter speed range: 1 second to f / 125 second, B, T
Synchronisation: X at all shutter speeds
Diameter front: 99.76 mm
Front filter size: 95 mm
Diameter rear: 80 mm
Flange mounting size: 62 mm x 0.75 mm
Flange focal length: 409.2 mm

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Numero di modello/tipo
NIKKOR-T 600mm f / 9 ED
Tipo di oggetto/dispositivo
Fotocamera 8x10
Quasi perfetto (near mint, usato e funzionante senza segni d'uso)
N° di dispositivi principali
Tipo di attacco dell’obiettivo
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8×10 pollici
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