Medievale Bronzo Testa di mazza grande stella del mattino - (1)

Medievale Bronzo Testa di mazza grande stella del mattino - (1)
13th century AD

Large Medieval solid bronze 'Morning Star' macehead with 4 massive and solid spikes.

This macehead would have been mounted onto a strong wooden shaft and was used to deliver powerful blows. The spikes on every side made this design to be effective and relentless in battle.

Size: 94,6 x 78,3 mm
Weight: 908 g

Condition: very good condition, appealing dark patina, some encrustation inside the shaft.

Shipping: registered and insured parcel.
Certificate of Authenticity available upon request (pdf-format).

Purchased by the current owner at a Dutch Antiques Fair in 2020.
The seller guarantees this piece is acquired in a legal manner. Related documents seen by Catawiki.

No export licence is necessary within the EU.
An export licence is required for transportation outside the EU; this will be arranged by the seller, this can take 4-6 weeks.
Currently there are many problems with intercontinental shipments. Until the situation is more reliable we prefer to ship only within the EU.

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Testa di mazza grande stella del mattino
Secolo / Intervallo di tempo
13th century AD
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