Holland - Ruud Gullit - Fotografia

Holland - Ruud Gullit - Fotografia
Condizioni molto buone - Con firma autografa, In cornice

Ruud Dil Gullit is a former Dutch footballer who played as a midfielder. He led the Dutch national team to the European Championship title in 1988.

Gullit was born in Suriname, the son of Ria Dil of the Netherlands and George Gullit of Suriname. His father was a national football player for Suriname. Because his father already had a family, Ruud was brought up by his mother and her father. It wasn't until he was 16, when he got his first professional contract, that he changed his name to Ruud Gullit, because he thought it would sound better for a top footballer. Because of its luxuriant hair, he is also called "black tulip".

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Ruud Gullit
Condizioni molto buone
Con firma autografa, In cornice
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