Roma antica Bronzo STATUA DEL MERCURIO

Roma antica Bronzo STATUA DEL MERCURIO
1st-2nd Century A.C.

A fine roman bronze statue of the god Mercury, depicted standing in contrapposto position with the weight on his left leg, his head, with the winged petasos, slightly turned to his right. He is holding the pigskin money bag in his right hand, the left hand had the separately-cast caduceus.His himation is falling from the left shoulder and draped over the left forearm. | Roman Imperial Period. 1st-2nd Century A.C.

Dimensions: 10,00 cm.

Condition:Intact. Perfect condition.

Provenance: M.F. Private Collection, Madrid. Acquired from J.G private collector, acquired in art fair in 2014. Ex N.B Private Collection, Madrid.

Notes: Due to Covid-19 situation and Goverment measures in Spain, the shippments could delay between 2 and 4 weeks.
The seller guarantees that he acquired this piece according to all national and international laws related to the ownership of cultural property. Provenance statement seen by Catawiki.

The piece includes authenticity certificate. The piece includes Spanish Export License ( Passport for European Union) - If the piece is destined outside the European Union a substitution of the export permit should be requested. This process could take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Dettagli lotto
Roma antica
Secolo / Intervallo di tempo
1st-2nd Century A.C.
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