Willem II van Nieulandt (1584-1635) - Italiaanse landschappen / Landschap met Hagar en Ismaël

Willem II van Nieulandt (1584-1635) - Italiaanse landschappen / Landschap met Hagar en Ismaël
Acquaforte - Firmato - Ca. 1605

Hagar sits on the ground in despair with the empty jug beside him. Her son Ishmael is next to her. An angel saves Hagar by pointing her to the waterfall. On top of the arched rock a shepherd is sitting with his sheep. Print from a series of Italian landscapes to Paulus Bril by Nieulandt (Hollstein 76-111).

Excellent print from the third is at five with the address of Bon enfant. Early print from the first edition. Privilege and address of A Bon Enfant (Publisher active between 1631 and 1637, royal privilege granted in 1635). The print was engraved between 1594 and 1605
First published after 1635.

Hand-scooped paper cut on the image edge. There is a printer’s fold. Back side a little spotty.

Hollstein Dutch 97( III / V)

Paulus Bril (1554 - 1626 )
younger brother of Mathias Bril and they were together in Rome when Mathias drown in the Tiber. Both brothers were born in Antwerp but their father, also a known painter was born in Breda (NL).

Willem II van Nieulandt (1584-1635)
Painter and etcher, active in Antwerp and Rome (where called Terranova). Born in Antwerp; from 1588 in Amsterdam; 1599 pupil of Jacob Savery there; 1602-1605 in Rome, living with his uncle, Willem van Nieulandt I, and working in workshop of Paul Bril; 1605 back to Antwerp; 1629 settled in Amsterdam.

His etchings seem to belong to his early years in Antwerp from 1605.

Dettagli lotto
Willem II van Nieulandt (1584-1635)
Titolo dell'opera
Italiaanse landschappen / Landschap met Hagar en Ismaël
Ca. 1605
In buone condizioni
Venduto con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
238×305 mm
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