Scultura - Arenaria, Forse Arkose - A musuem standing Mon-Dvaravati bouddha - Tailandia - X secolo

Scultura - Arenaria, Forse Arkose - A musuem standing Mon-Dvaravati bouddha - Tailandia - X secolo
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione


Considerable innovation in religious iconography occurred during the Mon-Dvaravati period.

It is only during this period that we find Buddhas holding both of their hands in a gesture of exposition or teaching (vitarkamudra) that in India is confined to the right hand.

Mon-Dvaravati iconographic developments clearly impacted Burmese sculptural production.

A good example is a seated Buddha that was manufactured in the Pyu region of central west Burma.

Like the Mon-Dvaravati images, it originally held both hands in the teaching gesture.

This bouddha is a perfect representation of the Mon-Dvaravati style, he is standing on a double lotus stand, his hand in Vitarkamudra.
Small disproportion of the hands of the statue

The expression of the face has the peaceful introspection

His hair is also typical from this style with snail scroll.

To close the color of sandstone is light dark brow can be Arkose who was use till end of 9th century in all production or pre-angkorian period and also in Thailand.


End of 10th century


39KG excluding the stand


The Mon-Dvaravati Tradition of Early North-Central Thailand - The met museum

For a quite similar bouddha check picture of Cleveland museum of art
Art market

Excellent condition , the rigth arm with a restoration show clearly on picture

Some few sign of age and tiny lacks

Please check pictures for global condition


From the private collection Ronveaux acquired by the father in the late 1960


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Dettagli lotto
Arenaria, Forse Arkose
X secolo
Regione/paese d'origine
Titolo dell'opera
A musuem standing Mon-Dvaravati bouddha
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
65×24×14.5 cm
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