Etrusco Bronzo Situla e piatto. - (2)

Etrusco Bronzo Situla e piatto. - (2)
6th-5th Century B.C.

Exceptional Etruscan bronze two-handled situla with lid. With flat base and ovoid body with rounded shoulders, the short neck flaring to a wide mouth, incised line decorating the exterior of the rim, with twin double ring attachments for the 2 high arching handles. Disk-shaped lid with a tall perforated stem and rounded finial. Similar exampleas may be found at Volterra, Museo Etrusco Guarnacci (Etruscan Museum) . Together with a large plate, with flat base and vertical walls. Metal plates like this example were probably part of the tableware owned by wealthy or aristocratic individuals.Utilitarian vessels for the serving of wine, like this Etruscan plate, were popular in the classical world beginning in the early Geometric period. They were very popular in symposia. Different models of this vessels (jugs, plates, bowls) were exported all around the Mediterranean, particularly to Italy, and as can be seen with this example, they were assimilated into the Etruscan culture. They include french export passport. | Etruria, 6th 5th Century B.C

Dimensions: Situla: 26,00 cm / plate: 27,00 cm.

Condition: Azurite oxidation on the surface. Nice bronze color patina. Stabile line on the situla wall ( see piuctures ). Small chip on the lid. otherwise excellent condition. Plate intact.

Provenance: Ex. C. R Private Collection, France. Acquired at Galerie St. Honore in 1998. Cannes, France.

Due to Covid-19 situation and Goverment measures in Spain, the shippments could delay between 2 and 4 weeks.
The piece includes authenticity certificate. The piece includes Spanish Export License ( Passport for European Union) - If the piece is destined outside the European Union a substitution of the export permit should be requested. This process could take between 2 and 4 weeks.

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Numero di oggetti
Situla e piatto.
Secolo / Intervallo di tempo
6th-5th Century B.C.
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