Album fotografico - Motoralbum I 1951 - Motorbron, Maarn - 1950-1960

Album fotografico - Motoralbum I 1951 - Motorbron, Maarn - 1950-1960
Usato - 3.5×25×32 cm

Picture albums, loose-leaf; Motorbron, Maarn - Motoralbum I - 1951
Rare, complete collection of 384 black-and-white vehicle pictures (car, bus, truck, race car, motorcycle, and miscellaneous) accompanied by technical specifications of the vehicles in question. From 12 different countries.
In matching ring binder.
Published by Motorbron, Maarn - Motoralbum I - 1951.
In neat condition, the pages are somewhat undulated due to adhesive of the pictures.
The pictures provide a good impression and are part of the description.
This album will be sent by registered mail or can be picked up in Breda, the Netherlands.

Dettagli lotto
Tipo di Oggetto
Album fotografico
384 plaatjes met info uit 12 landen
Motorbron, Maarn
Motoralbum I 1951
Periodo di produzione
3.5×25×32 cm
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