Keith Haring - Lesen Der spass im Kopf - reprinted

Keith Haring - Lesen Der spass im Kopf - reprinted

Lesen Der spass im Kopf

Poster by Keith Haring, 1988 - quality litho reprint
Printed on poster paper.
Dimensions: 478x500mm.
Poster designed originally by Haring for the city library, Bad Honnef.
Haring designed this poster free of charge so as to be able to contribute to this campaign to get children interested in reading.
Original Printing run: 500 copies. This is a reprint but still has some age to it, purchased from a collector who bought this reprint in the 90s at a Dutch art poster store.

Very good condition overall, minor crease on the front see photos

Dettagli lotto
Keith Haring
Titolo del poster
Lesen Der spass im Kopf - reprinted
A- (ottimo - piccole imperfezioni)
500×478 mm
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