Frédéric Bourret - Trapped in the mirror

Frédéric Bourret - Trapped in the mirror
Stampa al carbonio - Firmato, Timbro dell'artista - 7/30

Piezo print by Frédéric Bourret, titled 'Trapped in the mirror' number 7/30.
This photo is from the series ‘New York’ by Frédéric Bourret. This photo can also be found in the book 'Ame urbaine from Uptown to Brooklyn' ISBN: 2353352839

Frédéric Bourret began training in photography in New York, where he lived for several years. His immersion in the city allowed him to comprehend it off the beaten track and of course, he decided to pay tribute to it through a series which gives us the chance to rediscover New York, away from the clichés which describe a tumultuous and hectic city.

Frédéric Bourret has exhibited forty times from New York to Berlin, Geneva to Paris... His work is recognised by collectors, specialists but also laymen who appreciate his series which depict renewed themes and approaches. In addition, three books dedicated to his work have been published.

Dettagli lotto
Frédéric Bourret
Titolo dell'opera
Trapped in the mirror
Stampa al carbonio
Firmato, Timbro dell'artista
Condizioni originali
Dimensioni dell’immagine
35×46 cm
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