Superba grande statua di Jonyeleni - Legno - Bambara - Mali

Superba grande statua di Jonyeleni - Legno - Bambara - Mali
metà del XX secolo - Buone condizioni

Magnificent Bambara JONYELENI Statuette from Mali, in very hard and dense wood, magnificent patina, in good overall condition, you can note the little stabilised cracks due to antiquity and exhibition.
Dating: 1950

Statuettes named Jonyeleni are representations of the woman at the first origin of the Jo.
These are the physical incarnation of the soul of the feminine entity at the origin of the creation of initiatory practices, which structure and maintain social order.
These figurines remind a young girl in her ideal state, at her highest degree of physical attraction.
Jonyeleni figurines are used during septennial initiations which bring these from village to village, carried by the Jodenw.

From a personal collection acquired over the years, guaranteeing origin and authentic provenance.

Dimensions of the figurine:
Height, without stand: 45 cm
Width without stand: 9 cm

Weight, including the stand: 2 kilograms.

Sold with a stand.

Careful shipment with track & trace.

Dettagli lotto
Superba grande statua di Jonyeleni
Regione / Paese
metà del XX secolo
Buone condizioni
Con supporto incluso
71×18×18 cm
6050 g
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