Leica (Leitz) elmarit 28mm 2.8 R with hood

Leica (Leitz) elmarit 28mm 2.8 R with hood
Obiettivo, Obiettivo, Obiettivo grandangolare - Molto buono (usato e funzionante con lievi segni d'uso)

Leica Elmarit 28mm 2.8

The build quality of the lens is superb - all metal barrel and metal focus and aperture rings. Focus ring is very smooth and the aperture ring snaps very nicely, moving in half f-stop increments. The optical construction of the lens consists of 8 elements in 8 groups. The lens is pretty compact and light, weighing 275g and measuring 48 x 67mm (1.88 x 2.63in), although the inner cam of the lens extends slightly when focusing towards closeup, thus making the lens a bit longer. Despite its compact size and light weight, the lens looks and feels pretty sturdy. The minimum focusing distance is 30cm and the minimum aperture is f/22. The lens accepts 48mm screw-in type filters and had snap-on metal lens hood.

This lens is in excellent condition, with minor signs of use to the body. Glass is clean and blades are free of oil. Fully working, very sharp copy, comes with dedicated hood.

This auction implies no warranty on the above referred equipment but is regulated by distance sales rules in the EU.
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Dettagli lotto
Leica (Leitz)
Numero di modello/tipo
elmarit 28mm 2.8 R with hood
Tipo di oggetto/dispositivo
Obiettivo, Obiettivo, Obiettivo grandangolare
Molto buono (usato e funzionante con lievi segni d'uso)
N° di dispositivi principali
Tipo di attacco obiettivo
Leica R
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