Hibiki 21 years old Kacho Fugetsu Limited Edition - 700ml

Hibiki 21 years old Kacho Fugetsu Limited Edition - 700ml
Blended Whisky, Whisky giapponese - 43.0%

43%ABV / 700ML

This bottle features a special design, epitomizing the beauty of Japanese nature. This Suntory Hibiki 21 year old was released for duty free sales. Released in 2015, it has Mt. Fuji drawn in austere black and white colors, with Japanese plum, pine and bamboo painted on its skirts, symbolizing happiness and good fortune. Also echoed is the Japanese sensitivity to the transience of seasons. Deeply aromatic, quintessentially Japanese, and aesthetically appealing, the design perfectly captures the spirit of the “Hibiki”.

Kacho Fugetsu is the Japanese Kanji for Flowers, Birds, Breeze, and Lunar. This bottle is designed to embody the beauty of Japanese nature.

The Hibiki bottle always has 24 facets representing the 24 seasons of the Japanese lunar calendar.
Hibiki 21 year old is a very popular and stunning blend produced by Suntory.

Whisky Bible 2014 - 96 points!
Word Whisky Awards 2010
International Wine Spirit Challenge 2011
Whisky Bible Awards 2012 - Japanese Whisky of the Year
World Whisky Awards 2012 - Best Japanese Whisky over 21

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Blended Whisky, Whisky giapponese
Kacho Fugetsu Limited Edition
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