Maschera (1) - Fibra vegetale, Legno, sterco di vacca - Mukanda Kalelwa - Chokwe - Angola

Maschera (1) - Fibra vegetale, Legno, sterco di vacca - Mukanda Kalelwa - Chokwe - Angola
Prima metà XX secolo - Eccellenti condizioni

Ex. private collection - Paris - France,
circa 1930-1940
Size: 35x30x25 cm,
Weight: 0,3kg

Very nice Kalelwa mask from the Chokwe ethnic people in Angola - Excellent condition
These masks are used during Mukanda ceremonies.

The main constant is the use of three basic colors: red, black and white
The structure of this type of masks is made of flexible twigs and covered with cow dung, beaten bark, coated with Copal resin.

They all express a close relationship between the men of the clan and the spirits or deities and play a very active role in the ceremonies. These are Mukishi (idea of ​​driving force) which will be used for specific purposes: educating young men, ensuring their virility, promoting fertility, solving problems, healing, having fun, etc.

The mask is a real "fetish" loaded with power and having its own will.

The Mukanda is a ritual initiation ceremony during which the Akishi masks (pl de Mukishi) will dance, especially the Kalelwa.
Initially, the masks present at the Mukanda were burnt at the end of the ceremony.
Nowadays, the Chokwé preserve them from the Akishi by repairing them and repainting them for future ceremonies.

Dettagli lotto
Numero totale di oggetti
Nome dell’articolo autoctono
Mukanda Kalelwa
Regione / Paese
Fibra vegetale, Legno, sterco di vacca
Prima metà XX secolo
Eccellenti condizioni
Con supporto incluso
35×30×25 cm
0.3 kg
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